It all started back in the late 70’s when I got tired of crushing my cigarettes and hand rolleds (which we now call meds) in my pocket. I couldn’t find a cigarette case that I could put in my back pocket and sit on without breaking it, so I came up with an idea and made one. I carried it around in my back pocket for a year or so and everyone I showed it to said how cool it was and wanted one, so I started making them for my friends. I then started selling them to the local head shops but when they all started closing, because of the laws back then, I stopped making them and went to work in the auto industry in my home town of Flint, Michigan.

Now, some 30 years later with Michigan becoming a legal MMJ state, I was contacted by the MMMA and asked if I still made them. At that time I didn’t but thought the timing was right to start back up, so I did. I now have a full line of cases for all your smoking needs.

It’s cool when I go to shows and see someone pull one of my cases out of their back pocket and hear how much they love it and are still using it.

I take pride in my attention to detail and hand make all my cases in Northern Michigan. They not only look like a fine piece of art, they’re also functional (Functional Art) and are guaranteed crushproof and unbreakable (under normal use).

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